Cloud Based AI Visualizer

Atlas – Turning data into knowledge.

Empower your staff, suppliers and clients with this easy to use cloud based visualization tool.

Atlas was designed with usability, performance and interoperability in mind. It works across all major desktop and mobile platforms.


Convert your data into knowledge. Convey and visualize information so everyone’s on the same page and can clearly see what you want to display.


Making sense of data (which often seems like an endless stream that can rapidly become overwhelming) is what spatial analytics is all about. It enables you to identify, categorize and organize the information such that time, money and resources can be saved. More accurate decisions and actions can be implemented, and potential problems avoided.


This is the conversion of a particular location (such as a mailing address, landmark or business etc…) to a specific latitude and longitude coordinate – or vice versa.

Directions, Routing, and Logistics

The identification and display of the quickest route from one particular point to another, and show that route with both the time and distance between those points. The ability to seamlessly communicate with staff, suppliers and/or clients in a speedy, mobile and dynamic way helps boost efficiency, sales and  profits for any organization utilizing GEO technology.

Map/Tile Providers

The Atlas engine works with ArcGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Mapbox, Thunderforest, Stamen and OpenStreetMap.

Data (Static or Live Feeds)

Atlas can read KML and GeoJSON files out of the box. Real feeds from databases or static data files like CSV or Excel are also possible.


The base UI (User Interface) layer visualization can be configured and extended with Group, Cluster, Raster and Vector layers.

Flexible Interoperability and Deployment

Through secure connectors and access areas, interoperabiltiy and deployment is as flexible as needed.

Endless Possibilities

Whatever your needs, just get in touch and we’ll create it for you.




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Blue Derby
Mountain Bike Trails


Map of Mountain Bike Trails in Derby, Tasmania

World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Logo

1,048 World Heritage Sites are landmarks or areas selected by UNESCO. See the difference on the official visual site

South Australian Main Road Network


South Australian statewide network of sealed roads.

The 50
US States


US States Boundaries.   Simplified representations of selected geographic areas from the Census Bureau’s MAF/TIGER geographic database.


Cities Around The World

7,308 Prominent Cities/Towns which are either capitals or large cities and towns with the biggest population in their corresponding region.

Tectonic Plate
Boundaries & Type


This map shows the three main types of plate boundaries: divergent, convergent, and transform

Ski Areas

SkiAreas Logo

3,339 Ski Areas in every corner of the world, even Antarctica 🙂 as mapped by “