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Organize your estate with Microsoft OneNote

Centrally organize and manage any personal and business data … because things can change.

What would happen when …

You die?
Would your loved ones or executor be able to find, and sort out, all your private and business affairs?

Disaster strikes? (flood, fire, storm etc. …)
Could you rescue all your precious memories and documents (e.g.: photos, insurance policies …)?

You move?
Would you remember every document and institution requiring change of address notifications?

Your circumstances change? (illness, disability, divorce etc. …)
Could you or your partner/executor easily find all the relevant information?

If you don’t have peace of mind with any the above, you need to start organizing things.

all personal and business information in a secure, central place and have access to it anytime from anywhere.

Give trusted people,
like your children or executor, access to records for when they are needed (i.e.: incapacitation or death).

Get reminders on time
before a passport expires, or insurance renewals are due …

Microsoft OneNote is free, you can download it here and with the demo version of the “Estate Planner” template you can start getting organizined!

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