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Use Microsoft OneNote to organize moving house

Get it right the first time with a simple checklist, then nothing important can be missed, delayed or  forgotten.  It could well save you a lot of time, cost and heartache.

  • Date
    Set your date for the countdown to begin. Moving is hard enough so break it down into small, manageable steps.

Each stage will become achievable and satisfying …not overwhelming.

  • Decide
    Early, efficient research via web searches and asking for people’s experiences (who you know have fairly recently moved) will help you decide whether to go it alone with DIY (Do It Yourself) or use removalist professionals. Explore the costs in time, money, resources … and angst!

Get at least 2-3 quotes if using a service.

  • Lists
    Add your inventory list to this moving checklist (you’ve probably already got the basics of one for your home and contents insurance). Just scan over to update for other important items you may have purchased since.

Don’t want to lose anything during the move.

  • Reduce
    Now that you have your lists, consider what you have and where it might go in the new place … and whether you really want or need it now in this phase of your life.  If not, sell it or give it away to someone who may need or like it. It’ll make you feel good about the move which always helps and now is the perfect time to do it.

Don’t pay extra to move things you no longer want or need.

  • Notify

Make sure you tell friends, family and other relevant organisations and business’ your new contact details.

The last thing you need is to forget the health or vehicle insurances and have an accident.


  • Utilities
    Same as for 5 – remember to transfer services and leave enough time for unexpected delays.

Avoid the scenario of no power at the new place and/or paying the bill for someone to rack up international calls on your old phone account.

  • Pack
    Start packing away little things safely and try to fill empty spaces. If you’re DIYing, start collecting useful packing boxes when you do your shopping and save the old newspapers, tissue paper, bubble wrap, towels, blankets and/or small carpet offcuts for padding.

You’ll also need tape, marking pens, labels, torch and a tool kit for assembling and disassembling things.

  • Yourself
    You’ll need money, phone and access to any important documents like passports, insurances etc … You’ll also need to have a bag of small personal essentials with you like a change of clothing, toiletries, first aid kit and any medications you might need whilst the move occurs as you won’t find them when they’re packed away in boxes or in the truck, ship, train or plane!

Don’t forget to look after yourself … without you, this move might not happen!

Microsoft OneNote is free, you can download it here and with the free “Moving House” template you should be able to stay on top of your move!

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